your estate in Italy

Your foreign real estate can be financed by a German bank as long as the loan can be hedged by a Germany estate.

Italian banks give out loans to foreigners up to 60-80% of the real property value.


Funding process in Italy:

  1. Preparation of required documents
  2. Completion of credit application
  3. You will receive notice within approximately 15-20 days
  4. In case of acceptance a consultant will be sent to your estate. He will determine the current market value, gather data and check the documents. Usually 60-80% of the estimated value will be financed by the bank. The remaining amount is needed in form of equity.
  5. The applicant has to supply evidence for his ability to pay interest rates & rates of repayment. The income of the recipient will be checked thoroughly; therefore, all verifiable incomes must be declared.
  6. It is important to not sign an option to purchase agreement before the funding is assured. The option to purchase agreement in Italy is legally binding.


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