Lakeside properties

Northern Italy is breathtaking! Lakes like the Lake Garde, the Lago Maggiore, the Lake Comer, the Iseo Lake and many more can be found here. Whether you like water sports or hiking, here you can do both – and even much more. If you consider buying a house or an apartment in this region, you will not be disappointed. Lovely cities along the lakes and even Milan or Venice offer a high degree of variety. Or maybe you prefer sipping a glass of wine on your terrace while enjoying the stunning view over the lake scenery. You should have a look at our estates in Northern Italy.


Bauernhaus in Citta della Pieve mit P...
Umbria / Perugia

Living Surface: 250 m² | Plot size: 10000 m²

Rooms: 7 | Bathrooms: 3 | Bedrooms: 4

Type: Countryhouse / Farmhouse

Asking price: 750,000 EUR

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How about estates in Italy?

Prior visitors of the upper Italian lakes can only dream of settling down there. The landscape between the mountains, valleys and lakes is beautiful. The climate is mild and the cities offer a lot of hotspots for art lovers and enthusiastic shoppers. Along with that comes the easy accessibility if you come from Germany, for instance. Maybe some job-related or family issues keep you tied to Germany? In that case, we can only recommend one of our houses or apartments for the holidays. Some of the estates can also be easily occupied over the weekends due to the sophisticated infrastructure. We provide apartments and all kinds of houses in various sizes and price ranges and maybe you’re only just on click away from the house of your dreams.